Our Approach

BRTRC has developed a simple but effective approach to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every contract effort we perform:

We start by offering Excellence in Products and Services. We ensure that the right staff supports each tasking, and that our staff is available on the customer's schedule. BRTRC focuses on hiring, training, and retaining the most qualified individuals available. We provide our staff with leading edge technology tools and resources to meet each requirement. We emphasize careful attention to detail and innovation to ensure quality products and services. We practice careful project management to ensure we deliver our products on-time and with economy in mind.

BRTRC's Customer-Oriented Approach ensures that we take each client's needs seriously. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and apply active quality control measures to ensure that each product or service we deliver fully meets the customer requirement. During task execution, BRTRC provides effective presentations of critical issues for decision makers to ensure that the right decisions are made in time to impact the final products. We perform close and continuing coordination with customers to ensure that we fully understand their evolving needs and that we are continuing to meet those needs. BRTRC repeatedly has demonstrated outstanding flexibility in responding to changing needs and program schedules, all the while successfully meeting the ultimate requirement to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Finally, BRTRC ensures continuity for our customers and our staff through Effective Corporate Management. We are an independently audited profitable business. We maintain a fully qualified cost accounting system, approved by the Defense Contracts Audit Agency. Furthermore, BRTRC has always controlled its indirect rates to ensure we remain economically competitive. BRTRC's executive team maintains a solid, stable financial foundation for the company, and provides comprehensive corporate support to our project managers to ensure they have the resources to continue to meet our customer requirements.