Why is BRTRC such a great company?

We believe in treating our employees right and giving them the opportunities to chart their own career paths. Through open communication, employee events and professional forums, we encourage employees to shine. BRTRC offers opportunities throughout all of its departments and promotes growth for the employees. We want employees to enjoy their work and have respect for their co-workers and Company. We believe in a happy staff and promoting goodwill. Our high employee retention rate supports our commitment.

To enhance our employee-oriented culture, BRTRC offers a generous benefits package. We believe this is important in assisting employees not only in their well-being, but that of their families and in balancing the office and family responsibilities. With employees being the Company's strongest assets, we believe in offering programs that offer great value to our employees. We take pride in the programs we offer and continually seek new ideas to enhance our compensation packages.

Our benefits package includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Plans - plans with a rich benefit structure and minimal costs to the employees
  • Dental plan for employee and family members
  • Life Insurance Plans with many options for supplemental policies
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • Generous 401(k)-IRA plan with many fund selections
  • Dependent Care and Health Care Reimbursement Accounts
  • Identity Theft Insurance

In addition to these benefits, BRTRC also provides a great vacation policy, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, and in several locations subsidized membership in a health club. There are several other intangible benefits to joining the BRTRC team including the incredible array of talented people you will have the opportunity to work with throughout your career with us.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Come join our team!