Acquisition Management Strategy and Support

BRTRC has provided high-quality products and services to the U.S. government since 1985. Our educated and experienced staff specializes in a wide array of business, technical, and government services, including acquisition management strategy and program support. Our personnel are well-versed in Federal Acquisition Regulation, the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, and the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics Life Cycle Management Framework. Furthermore, we understand the environment and pace at which our acquisition community works and we provide support in critical areas:

  • Requirement determination and analysis
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Acquisition strategies and program scheduling
  • Supporting documentation

Requirement Determination and Analysis

BRTRC analysts and engineers have extensive backgrounds in Army combat developments and materiel acquisition, ranging from combat systems to support equipment. Our experts have comprehensive experience in the requirements determination and analysis processes. We have supported the government with writing, reviewing, and approving numerous requirements, many of which are currently used in theater by our armed forces. Our professional staff can assist in developing and refining requirements and providing supporting rationale for critical systems characteristics.

Analysis of Alternatives

Operational effectiveness is an important consideration when choosing a materiel solution or replacement equipment item. BRTRC analysts are skilled in a variety of analytical tools used to validate the military worth of new equipment in an operational context. Our staff understands military doctrine and the tactics and techniques for a wide range of equipment and has the capability to develop custom scenarios to evaluate several alternatives. When combined with detailed cost information, these studies prove invaluable in supporting selected courses of action or identifying and ranking the best technical alternatives.

Acquisition Strategies and Program Scheduling

BRTRC's knowledge of acquisition reform principles helps the government streamline acquisition. Whether it is a commercial acquisition or a full-up research and development effort, our program managers are focused on the success of each program. We work closely with our clients to structure a program with the proper balance of aggressiveness and technical risk. Our staff helps determine each program's milestone schedule with all the intermediate checkpoints. We understand how unstable schedules can impact program funding. That is why BRTRC applies a solid foundation to every program we support.

Supporting Documentation

Our staff can produce any type of document required to support your milestone decisions. Whether it is acquisition program baselines, risk analysis, affordability assessments, or manpower, personnel, and training studies, our analysts and engineers at BRTRC are ready to assemble supporting annexes and milestone documentation. We are prepared to construct the entire integrated program summary.