Conferences and Workshops

Event marketing can deliver dramatic impact as a core component of a marketing or communications program for government agencies. Trade shows, conferences, seminars, and media events — cleverly designed and flawlessly executed — can gather key audiences under one roof and deliver captive attention. That captive attention can be used to deliver emphatic organization-wide messaging or orchestrate one-on-one conversations among strategic partners, business-development prospects, and even leading policymakers.

BRTRC is a full-service, event planning and management company capable of planning, organizing, implementing, and completing successful meetings for our government clients. BRTRC has coordinated restricted and unrestricted events, ranging from small training sessions to large conferences and trade shows and provides each event with unmatched quality, rapid response, creative solutions, and meticulous management.

Our experienced event planning staff provides first-class services to ensure our clients achieve the highest value from their events. Whatever the objective, BRTRC events produced on behalf of clients have garnered media praise and won best-in-show awards for their success in reaching these objectives. Since the company's inception, BRTRC has continually proven our capacity to:

  • Provide a full range of capabilities to plan, organize, implement, and complete events for our clients effectively and efficiently.
  • Coordinate restricted and unrestricted events, ranging in size and scope.
  • Provide event support from beginning to end, including critical post-event activities.
  • Ensure our clients' success by covering every aspect of the event behind the scenes.
  • Understand and incorporate each client's intended message and mission into each event.

BRTRC's event planning services allow you to "meet with success." Our careful attention to detail, thorough planning, and experienced and adaptable event planning staff allow our clients to bask in the success of the event with confidence that the behind-the-scene details are being met.