Countermine Support

The countermine challenge is daunting, as mines present a serious threat to our armed forces. Not only are they intended to cause severe casualties, but mines also provide barriers, both physically and psychologically, to conducting operations. These devices have become increasingly sophisticated, and enemy forces are sharing these technologies to target our soldiers. Consequently, U.S. forces are working diligently to improve countermine measures.

Since 1998, BRTRC has provided exceptional, comprehensive support to the U.S. Army Project Manager for Close Combat Systems (PM CCS). Our personnel provide technical and management support to mine, countermine, and demining programs within PM-CCS, as well as the Night Vision and Electronics Sensors Directorate (NVESD) Countermine Division and the Joint Unexploded Ordnance Coordinating Office (JUXOCO) at Fort Belvoir, VA. BRTRC provides these organizations with:

  • Program management documentation and reports
  • Operations research and systems analysis
  • Information technology support
  • Conference planning support
  • Technology marketing and outreach

Utilizing advanced research and analysis, BRTRC works closely with the program management engineers of these countermine organizations to prepare program documents for numerous systems, including the Ground Standoff Mine Detection System, Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System, Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System, Mongoose Minefield Land Clearance System, Intelligent Munitions System, Spider Interim Munitions System, and Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System.

BRTRC provides timely budgetary analyses; integrated logistics support actions; alternatives analyses; acquisition program baselines; earned value management (analyses of cost, schedule, and technical variances); market surveys; tracking commitments, obligations and expenditures for all program elements; and a variety of other analytical and managerial efforts exclusive to PM CCS.

BRTRC maintains a central repository for task control of these programs. Much of this essential coordination is accomplished using a management information system that was designed and implemented by BRTRC. In addition, our Technical Marketing Group prepares all of the outreach and marketing publications, displays, and graphics for PM CCS.

In addition to supporting PM CCS's countermine efforts, BRTRC has also provided countermine science and technology efforts to the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.