Research and Development

Performing research and development (R&D) is vital to long-term success for any organization. However, competing government priorities and the nature of the private marketplace limit the resources available for R&D. This places a premium on the effective management of technology development.

BRTRC employs a wide variety of professionals — at a moment’s notice we can provide specialized support as needed. Our staff is comprised of skilled business managers, program managers, computer scientists, systems engineers, social and physical scientists, professional engineers, acquisition specialists, and other highly qualified and certified professionals with significant experience and expertise needed to conduct essential R&D for our clients.

In addition to our educated, well-trained staff, we have developed and utilized various R&D metrics and processes that are tailored to fit the objectives of each R&D program we support.

Bringing Together the Tools

We employ a full range of capabilities to support technology management needs:

  • Technical and operational simulations
  • Weapons effects/combat modeling
  • Target acquisition/countermeasures
  • Target vulnerability/survivability
  • Virtual prototyping

Modeling and Simulation

  • Staff with broad S&T knowledge
  • Engineering/technical staff augmentation
  • Data collection/automation/analysis
  • Engineering analysis and life-cycle costing
  • Development of interactive databases (PC- and Web-based) and analysis applications
  • Extensive meeting facilities with state-of-the-art visual aids and color printing

Database Management Systems/Management Information Systems

  • System design and documentation
  • Application programming
  • Executive information systems

Special Applications

  • CAD/CAM (2-D and 3-D)
  • Expert systems and decision aids
  • Program upgrades and documentation
  • System integration
  • Test data acquisition

Software Life Cycle Support

  • Systems engineering and design
  • Validation and testing
  • Documentation, training, and user support

Since our company's inception in 1985, BRTRC has supported the R&D process for a number of government clients.

  • BRTRC supports the U.S. Army Materiel Command and Training and Doctrine Command in assessing and prioritizing the Army's science and technology (S&T) programs across all mission areas.
  • BRTRC provides broad-based project engineering services in support of the countermine and mobility R&D missions of U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM). Similar broad-based services are provided to the Special Operations Command in the development and acquisition of specialized equipment.
  • BRTRC provides support to RDECOM's technology integrated product/process teams in the areas of Power and Energy, Countermine, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Sustainment.
  • BRTRC supports the Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Command, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and Office of the Secretary of Defense in managing and executing the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs — these programs competitively fund small businesses and research institutions in developing dual-use technologies and products.
  • BRTRC has provided engineering support to the U.S. Army Program Manager for Mobile Electric Power in modeling and simulation and to the National Automotive Center in test planning and design for the Mobile Parts Hospital demonstration.
  • BRTRC provides technical support to the Marine Corps S&T program, combat development system, and acquisition process throughout the full spectrum of activities. Support in the technology research services arena includes developing stimulating innovation and revolutionary solutions to current problems and providing information on emerging, leading-edge technology and products that could lead to enhanced warfighting capabilities. The principal sponsor of these multiple efforts is the Director, Expeditionary Warfare Operations Technology Division (Code 353), Naval Expeditionary Warfare Department, Office of Naval Research.
  • BRTRC provides medical imaging equipment technicians to the Dewitt Army Hospital at Fort Belvoir, VA.