Strategic Communications

The culture and organizational dynamics of government are far different than that of industry. However, today's proactive government organizations are leveraging tried-and-true industry tools — marketing and communications — to achieve dramatic business objectives. And they are doing so with partners like BRTRC.

BRTRC's Strategy & Communications Group (SCG) consists of a diverse blend of individuals with extensive experience in outreach support and marketing services. We have provided exceptional strategic communications support to numerous clients by understanding government protocol, regulations, and processes. Our insight enables us to build and execute marketing campaigns that address the government's unique needs.

SCG can deliver value to your organization in three primary ways:

Planning and strategy

  • We will help you identify and understand exactly how marketing can serve as a catalyst for your organization, ultimately helping you save taxpayer dollars. We then will devise and write a strategic communications plan with recommendations for specific tactics and budgets.

Program and project implementation

  • Whether you seek isolated marketing communications services or the execution of an integrated campaign, we are ready and capable to execute your projects or programs. Research, events, brochures — any of our strategic communications services can be provided individually or integrated into a campaign.

Metrics and measurement

  • At the outset of your project, program, or campaign, SCG will work with you to identify the exact metrics for success. Throughout the project's lifespan, we will use defined metrics to measure your return on investment.

For each communications initiative, we conduct market research via interviews, literature searches, or focus groups. We review existing material and coordinate with each client and appropriate public affairs offices to ensure proper messaging and distribution methods according to protocol. We also identify the target audiences and appropriate messaging for each audience. Finally, we develop a formal plan for outreach support.

Our outreach plans always include two extremely important components — estimates and metrics. Accurate analysis of audiences and how best to communicate to them requires that we first gather the information already available and then the data to look for trends and gaps and, finally, use that analysis to structure recommendations.

The 6-M Communications Model

The BRTRC 6-M Model™ Communications Model is our proven methodology to ensure objectives and implementations are captured with an overarching communications plan. Based on industry project management best practices, the 6-M Model™ applies these proven practices specifically to the field of professional communications. The six phases of the model are Mission, Market, Message, Medium, Money and Measure. The model applies equally to strategic and tactical activities. It provides the tools, procedures and standards that we need to ensure that we deliver the most effective communications solutions possible. The point is not to stifle creativity or innovation. The point is to ensure that we make that delivery without forgetting anything important.

This model is the tool - the seminal, fundamental, underlying tool - by which we manage toward quality. While "Measure" is itself one of the six Ms, there is a large measurement aspect to each phase of the model. This is what allows us to proactively address the question of quality - and to adjust our activities accordingly - from the onset of the communications cycle. That may be innovation enough, but our employment of this tool, our dedication and adherence to this process, is what really what sets our work apart.

Our services include media such as tradeshows, exhibits, collateral material, videos, websites, briefings, public relations, giveaway materials, presentations, image libraries, posters, and more. Media support includes the production and graphic design of these materials, including overall branding for the organization.

How does branding apply to the government?

Although government organizations do not always think this way, your organization's identity is, in fact, a brand. Much more than a logo, your brand communicates meaning that helps shape how your audiences view you, your mission, and your services. And it shapes the way those audiences behave. Does your brand illustrate your organization's core values? Inoculate you against undue criticism? Lay the appropriate groundwork for your organization's 5- or 10-year plan? SCG assesses client brands and identifies and develops solutions for aligning logos, taglines, core messaging, and other brand attributes that support broader organizational strategies defined in your overarching communication plan.

We have established a process that ensures timely delivery of quality marketing collateral pieces and communication messages. Some of the important aspects of the successful process are:

  • At the beginning of a project, we identify a tentative timeline and the resources required to deliver a quality product.
  • We coordinate a productive brainstorming meeting that includes the specific designer, programmer, writer, or creative talent who will be necessary to produce a particular product.
  • We build in time for reviews by the appropriate government representative at each stage of the creative process.
  • We strive for creativity and look outside of the usual group for new, innovative approaches - for instance, conducting a creative "current events brainstorming session" in which we discuss what is going on in the world, what techniques we've seen used, and how we can leverage great ideas for our communications pieces.

Marketing and communications is no longer strictly the domain of the private sector. Government and government-related agencies are using it to great advantage to accomplish tactical objectives and help achieve highly strategic missions.

Our skill, expertise, and efficiency simply cannot be matched by more commercially oriented advertising agencies, public relations firms, design shops, and other marketing services providers. We are marketing and communications professionals with a rare and demonstrable understanding of how our field can deliver this measurable value and business impact for government organizations.

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