Training and Education

Since our company's inception, BRTRC has effectively trained thousands of government and industry professionals. Our innovative approach to training offers several creative avenues for tailorable workshops and Web- and computer-based training.

BRTRC is unique in our approach with subject-matter experts on staff to develop content material and the technical expertise to provide an effective interactive training tool. Our workshops develop practical skills through interactive discussions, examples, short exercises, and case studies.

We offer customizable training, tailored to meet our customers' specific needs. Additionally, BRTRC offers full conference support - our on-site facilities are geared for classrooms of up to 50 people with three additional breakout rooms for a more personal interaction and facilitation.

BRTRC offers the following areas of exceptional training and educational support:

  • Highly qualified team of experts
  • Innovative and unique training philosophy
  • Creative and informative materials
  • Professional certification
  • Customizable training
  • Acquisition specialty
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Friendly staff

Our Experts

BRTRC develops and presents each workshop. Developers are experts in various government-related fields, having worked for the government as program managers, contracting officers, engineers or logisticians. Their ability to understand what you do makes it possible for them to develop the information you need.

BRTRC Workshop Philosophy

BRTRC has built our reputation on practical application and by utilizing adult learning techniques in our workshops. We provide interesting, thought-provoking presentations to foster discussion of the subject matter. Learning is reinforced in our unique and highly tailored case studies. Applying principles covered in the full session, participants break into small groups for exercises designed to test their comprehension and challenge their problem-solving abilities. Course instructors are always available to lend a hand, guiding participants instead of giving them the answers. Participants frequently tell us this is the most valuable way for them to learn!

BRTRC Workshop Materials

Course materials are designed to facilitate the learning experience. In the past, we have developed course books that contain a full set of the charts presented, exercises and pertinent references, and plenty room for notes. In other cases, we distribute handouts with course information. We want the participants to leave with a valuable reference document they can refer to over time.

Professional Certification

BRTRC offers continuing education credits for completion of its workshops. The number of credits earned is detailed in each course overview.

Tailored Training

BRTRC is well known for our ability to tailor training to a client's specific needs. Whether we're developing a program from scratch or adapting one to include program-specific content, you can count on BRTRC to provide a high quality presentation.

Acquisition Specialty

BRTRC specializes in providing full-service acquisition reform training on a wide range of topics. All workshop materials are up-to-date with the latest federal acquisition regulations. We have been developing and providing focused acquisition reform training to Department of Defense and industry clients since 1997. Through our workshops and distance-learning activities, we have effectively trained more than 20,000 acquisition professionals in advanced acquisition techniques within the acquisition reform community.

State-of-the-Art Facility

BRTRC has its own on-site training facility designed for 50 participants per workshop. The facility features computer-based presentations and easily configured seating tables. Comfortable seating affords easy viewing of the display screen from any seat in the room, as well as a desktop to take notes and spread out materials. We also provide teleconferencing and videoconferencing capabilities. For small group interaction, BRTRC utilizes three separate breakout rooms.

Friendly Staff

To make our guests feel welcome, BRTRC provides a coordinator to greet participants, hand out name badges, make sure workshop materials are in place, and answer questions about phones, faxes, messages, bus schedules, etc. Our staff will coordinate food and beverage services throughout the day.